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Think about the most difficult part of going to the beach. It's not the warm blue-green water, salty air, sand in your toes, and time away from work, right? How about getting onto and off of the beach? Chances are, you load up your arms with chairs, umbrellas, a cooler, then climb the beach access bumping both sides and a few people along the way. Next, you search for the best spot on the beach, which, if you slept in, is probably gone. Then, after you've been on the beach all day and the sun has soaked up your energy, you collect everything and trek back through the hot sand, up and over the access. Save your energy and let the professionals do the work! Sun Ease Rentals will deliver and set up tents, chairs, umbrellas, Yeti coolers, and speakers on the beach each day of your vacation. You come and go as you please throughout the day, then at 5:00 we come and pick it all up. Going on vacation is suppose to be relaxing, so let us do the hard work. 

Sun Ease Rentals is a firefighter owned and operated local business that provides beach setup and breakdown services to those visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina.


How To Book

Setup complete by 10:00 am, pickups start at 5:00 pm.


Enter your Outer Banks Vacation address in the map below.

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Come time for your vacation, you will receive a text when everything is set up. You can call or text 252.999.0307 with any questions or concerns about your booking.

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